Activities for use with interactive white boards (SmartBoards, Polyvision, etc....)'s my two cents for ideas....

Fractions: I many times have to show students how to convert whole numbers to fractions before multiplying. When doing the division side....I still keep them multiplying but with 1/2 that way they don't have to remember to change signs, etc. Then we practice on a worksheet increasing/decreasing amounts....this would be great if it were interactive in some way for smartboard. Look at the one I have started and let's see where we need to take it. ptl

Child Development Developmental Areas: IDEA ONLY-- I DON'T KNOW HOW TO CREATE IT
Since physical, intellectual, emotional, social spell the acronym PIES: How about having a PIE (like apple) crust with four quadrants (like the pie is cut into fourths) with each area representing a different developmental area (PIES). Then have moveable (draggable???) apples with examples of things children can do in those areas or characteristics of those areas. Ex. on an apple type: can jump up and down. This would go in the physical quadrant because it represents something in physical development. Hopefully this makes sense..if not I'll try to further explain. Let me do some looking, I don't think this will be that hard. Of course that's what I always think and then it's like fighting dragons getting it done! ptl

For fun, apple pie could be served after the lesson if desired.

Kim Graybill

Beginnings of an activity. I had to delete parts of it because of size limitations. I'll work on how to get around that if we have to have bigger! : ) ptl

Can you describe this to me....I can't access this from home....don't have the notebook or smartboard programs on my home computers and can't get into school until August? Sorry...Kim
7/8/2011 8:44pm I just added a publisher file that shows the slides I created for the SB activities. See if you can open that. If you don't have publisher I can copy it over to word. ptl

Okay not a problem. Think similiar to Powerpoint slides. The activity has 6 slides. The first is (according to my husband) a dorky poem introducing the activity. Slide number two is a "Notes hide" - there are 5 guidelines/rules for increasing or decreasing a recipe listed here. Slide # three gives examples of the math work for decreasing a number by half. Number 4 has several problems to halve. The answers are there but they are covered up with squares. The squares may be moved off the answers with a mouse or by finger tip touching the board. The next slide is a Halves flip it has squares with a number on the front. When you touch the square it flips over and shows the correct answer. The last slide is a sugar cookie recipe and the students are asked to halve the amounts. The answers are there but covered again by a square. It can be moved over once everyone has calculated the answers. Once again it can be moved by mouse or by fingertip. I have the other 6 slides for increasing by doubling the recipe. They are basically duplicates of these (just different answers). I was going off the top of my head with the things my kids had trouble with. If this is not the direction you want to go just let me know. Funny thing is I had trouble coming up with fractions! So if there are certain ones you know your kids have trouble with please list them. We can delete or add to this file. It is simply a matter of deleting this one and uploading a new one. I have a folder on my computer started to keeping working files. So if someone out there who has the software wants to download this, edit it and then reupload it PLEASE go right ahead. I think wiki will let me know when you do that so I won't delete it by accident without saving it! ptl

Phyllis: That looks awesome! I can view it in publisher! You are wonderful to do this! Thought of another piece to the applePIES activity above. Is it possible to have it be self-correcting? For example, if the apple is put in the correct quadrant it will stay, if it's not the correct quadrant it simply will jump back out or not attach in the first place. Just a thought! Kim

Kim: That is the idea that I am working on - making it sef-correcting. It may be one of the dragons I mentioned earlier. : ) ptl

Hey Phyllis---how's it going with the smartboard PIES activity? Can I help in anyway? Sorry I didn't check in sooner but was on vacation. Kim
Kim - Working on it. Do you have a list of specific skills in mind or do you want my to use what is in my text? You can always edit it if you decide I included skills you didn't cover or that you did and I didn't. (If that makes sense!) Will try to post what I have later tonight. It needs cleaning up a bit. I am still having "dragon" problems with the whole pie concept. So even though I haven't completely dismissed the idea (because I think it is really neat!) I went ahead with some other activities while I keep thinking and trying things for PIES concept. Hope that is okay. Vacation. That is a foreign concept here at this house. If I was willing to give up about 6 horses and all the other animals I have adopted we might could have a one! Just not willing to give up what makes me happy. Hope you did something fun and relaxing. ptl

Okay it is not complete but take a look at this and see if this will get you where you want to go. I'll try later tonight to make a publisher file out of it so those that don't have this software at home can still look and see if they think it will work for them. I really want your input!!!!! ptl

Okay got the publisher file created and loaded finally! Think I'll go to bed now. Let me know what's on your mind. ptl

Phyllis--WOW! This just blows me away! I'm a little overwelmed at the moment so let me process this and look at it again with pen/paper in hand to see if I have any suggestions, etc. Will you use all of those activities? I will be in touch......thank you! Kim

KIM - No I won't be using any of it, remember I retired in May. I am now getting to do the parts of teaching I truely loved. Not that I didn't love the kids, but I really enjoy coming up with hands on projects, technology activities like the S/B things and such. I love the challenge of your PIES using the apple pie graphic, though it looks like it is going to take a while to figure that one out. I am a member of a group that might be able to help but they are even more un-active than our FACS group in the summer. Those s/b guys really take the summer off! I was a little slow getting all this together because I am spending a lot of my time catching up with the horses and sewing up outfits for the grands. But I eally enjoy this a lot. Being retired is one of the reason I really want your input on what YOU want in the activities. So if you are planning a unit on something and need an activity, be it s/b or a hands on thing let me know, I may just be able to help you work that all out. I hope so at least. If you like one of these activities in the s/b thingy and really want to expand on it, for example the multiple choice slide, and you want to work all of a chapter into that for either a review, a pay attention as we go or as the actual test maybe using student response systems, let me know I'll be happy to help you get it ready. Just give me a bit of time because I am going to enjoy the retirement. (actually am considering turning down the possiblity of doing workshops helping teachers incorporate technology into their classrooms. it is a full time job and I would probably love it but I "think" I want to be retired for a bit before I take on something like that. just not sure yet. still have a few days to think on it!) do you have an email where we can talk back and forth if needed. I hate "advertising" for you through the group. Afraid you'll miss it or someone will get upset about it. I am sure I have it in my backed-up emails from school but I don't have it at hand on this computer. It will be easier to see how the s/b activites are working once you get back to school and can play with the there but hopefully the publisher files are clear enough for you to get an idea of what is happenign. Remember it is all saved on my computer so we can tweak what ever needs tweaking. In fact when you get to school and download the actual files you'll be able to edit every page to your hearts content. Get back with me when you get a chance to look at what I posted and you decide what you want. ptl

Phyllis--you can reach me at either of the following emails:

I'm moving my things back into my classroom this week so I'll look for all of my PIES materials and use that as a basis for previewing/editing the s/b activity. I will be in touch soon! In the meantime....enjoy your retirement! Kim

Phyllis--I finally had a chance to sit down and process this! There are alot of good ideas for activities included in this but I was looking at it from my classroom time/perspective only... so others might see/do/feel differently about some of the activities. I was thinking about using this with my junior high students...problem is I they rotate in/out every 30 days (43 minute periods) so whatever I teach must be concise and not take very many days/periods to complete. So here goes.....

For me, I'd keep the following: Notes Reveal: maybe do this first so students can take notes on each area and include examples. Then move on to some of the other activities such as Picture Reveal--a good way for them to look at what's going on developmentally and identify areas they see....could also infer other areas depending on picture, body language, etc. I like the Identify section with grid...too bad all four areas couldn't be viewed/sorted. Also like the Word/Description and the tie in to play...that's how I teach this concept to junior high in terms of toys/play activities. The Question Flipper I see as writing an example such as "riding a tricycle" and having students identify that it belongs in the physical area. I see the same with the Multiple Choice and Word Biz sections...give example and identify area. The Pairs activity again could match an activity/example with a PIES area... if they are correct they match.
Again,,,,lots of great ideas included in your s/b activities....and I appreciate the time you put into this. I see this as an application activity/review of information. I like to give students a way to apply what they just learned and I think many of the activities you included will allow them to do just that in a "hands-on" way. I don't have alot of experience in developing these but can you copy slides and put in as many questions, examples, etc as you want? I think you said you could change the order like a anyone can change that up. Can you delete slides you don't want or move them to the end? Just random thoughts here....let me know what you think and we can go from there. Kim

Okay, first let me say I hope you found lots useful. I went through a set of slides (don't remember where I downloaded them!) and just went to making. I personally, for jr and high school, would use the notes slide and then only one or two of the activities. When I taught, I had 50 minute class periods and getting everything in was always a challenge. I really created that particular set of slides as "samples" so you could pick and choose what you wanted to use. I had envisioned creating a final edition for you to use so that you wouldn't have to do the work. Just let me know what you want in it! I know that with out your notes or text that will be a bit tough. : )

To answer your questions, use you can delete the slides you don't want, copy and paste slides to another presentation and move them around. To move one: look in the list/icon view of the slides. Mine are on the left side of my screen. Highlight the one you want moved then left click and drag it to the position you want. To copy: You can highlight the slide you want copied and then I right click choose copy. Open a new presentation and right click and paste. You can also go to edit to copy and paste. And of course to delete just highlight the slide you don't want and click the delete button. If you decide to remake that one presentation personally I'd open it and then "save as" another name. that way you have a sample of all those options. Or I can send you the original presentation. I would make my presentations just long enough for a class period. (as best as possible) then I would save them as best as I could in chronological order. For example CDch01day01 could stand for Child Development Chapter 1 day 1... If you put the zeroes in front of the ones then your 1, 10, 11, 12 etc... don't get out of order. Took me a while to figure that one out. I was forever trying to find chapter 1 and it was always down with the 10, 11, etc....

By the way I am deleting your address above so that it isn't out there for everyone to see. ; ) Let me know if I can help you put any of this together. I would really like to help if I can. ptl

´╗┐Phyllis--I loved what you did and saw potential for many of those activities in other lessons! I didn't realize it was just a sampler of activities...guess that explains why I saw some activities work for the PIES better than others. You mentioned going ahead and setting up what your niece could use following your OK text. That's fine with me....can't possible be that different from PA and I don't have a text book anyway. I agree with making it only for a period. As far as notes, the only things I give my jr.high kids are the areas: physical, intellectual, emotional, and social terms and definitions. I go through some examples using toys/play activities as a base such as: riding a bike, playing hopscotch, cutting with scissors, rolling play-doh would be some of my physical examples. Then I usually gave a worksheet that had other examples, not just toys/play so they could see the whole picture of PIES in other areas too. If you need those examples, let me know and I will attach or type up for you to look at and use at your discretion. We also discuss that some activities can fall into more than one PIES category such as playing a board game: moving pieces is physical, counting spaces/money is intellectual, playing together fairly and being a good sport are social and sometimes you can even throw emotional in there if it's challenging, frustrating, having fun, etc.

I only asked about altering/deleting slides etc because sometimes when I find a layout that works, I like to edit it for other course content areas like I did with the colored circle s/b activity I shared with you last year. Why change everything if it's not broken, but I have little experience with all this but lots of interest in it. Been trying to find a local course to learn more about it but so far no luck. Please know I appreciate ALL you've done with this and would love to take it to the final version so I and others can use it come fall. Let me know what I can do. One more far as order, for me, it'd be the notes reveal, then a couple of the activities applying the info to identify the PIES area based on example ( you can decide based on notes above and what fits best for layout) and then maybe end with a picture reveal or two where blocks are tapped and have students identify all the PIES in action in that photo. That way if you have more time you have more photos to practice with and if you don't hopefully you can get one in...does that make sense? Please tell me what I can do to help you and thank you! Kim

P.S. Was just on FACS Alive Blog (through Learning Zone Expres) and there's a post about sharing s/b activites/technology. Maybe you should consider sharing these once they're finalized!!!