Unit 1 - Describing The World of Work
  • Reasons people work
  • Skills employers want
Unit 2 - Developing Your Self-Understanding
Unit 3 - Planning a Career
Unit 4 - Applying For A Job
Unit 5 - Succeeding on the Job
Unit 6 - Communicating for Career Success
Unit 7 - Managing Your Time
Unit 8 - Managing Your Money
Unit 9 - Using Technology in the Workplace
Unit 10 - Balancing Family and Career
Unit 11 - Preventing Accidents and Injuries at Work

Links for use in class:
National Skill Standard Board
My Future
Small Business Administration
Career Planner
Job Star
Career City
US Census Bureau
E-Health Insurance
Institute for the Study of Civic Values
National Association for Self-Esteem
Occupational Safety and Health Administration
Workplace Conflict Resource Center
Roberts Rules of Order
Toastmasters International
U. S. Copyright Office
National Association of Professional Organizers
Consumers Union
Jump Start Coalition
Credit Counseling Centers of America
Yahoo! Insurance
Social Security Administration
Monster Career Changers
Resources for Work and Family

Will also use 150 Ways to Keep Your Job by Nancy Lobb